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Benefits of Meal Prep

Why Meal Prep? You might be asking yourself, “why bother?”  Here are a few reasons:  Planning several meals (let’s say, one week) in advance saves money. There is nothing better than going into the grocery store with a list. First, browse some flyers to gauge prices, and learn what is on sale and the frequency. Read More

Do You Know These Baking Tricks?

As a visual thinker I find it important to find well designed infographics and diagrams to better understand things of mystery to me, namely baking.  Basically, the most wonderful science of all because it is the most delicious form of everyday science. With that, enjoy this BuzzFeed article of infographics explaining the mysteries of baking to help Read More

Book Review: $5 A Meal College Cookbook

The intent of the book is to provide easy, inexpensive, and healthy meal options for the clueless cook or college student with few cooking options (because, you know, you can only have a microwave and a refrigerator in a dorm room). What this book does well is to put perspective on the actual cost of Read More