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The In-house Greenhouse

Use your bathroom as a greenhouse!  Not only will adding plants liven up the decor, some plants will thrive in the steamy environment, especially with limited or indirect sunlight. Consider plants that grove in tropical and sub-tropical regions.  These plants are often used to high humidity, and very little direct sunlight from a thick canopy Read More

What is it? The Money Tree

This post spurred from some personal research about how to care for the house plants I adopted from my sister when she moved.  I was given a half dozen plants that I had no idea what they even were or how to care for them–most were sickly when I got them. After doing a little Read More

Making the Most of Limited Outdoor Space for Plants

Of you’re like me and you’ve got the desire for a few acres, but the budget for a small balcony, then you need to get the most out of your limited balcony space. Through a little searching I’ve found some real world solutions that others have used including fire escape gardens for those extra small Read More

Mason Jar Planter

This easy DIY planter is a ideal for utilizing small “window realestate” (a.k.a. no window ledge or underutilized space around a sunny window). Everyone knows that Hipsters made Mason Jars cool, so you probably have a few laying around.  I have a few laying around and decided to make this Hanging Mason Jar planters after Read More

The Trifecta

Both #Decorating and #Gardening and maybe even a little #Crafting if you are feeling inspired to make some of these ideas for yourself. 21 Brilliant Ways For Plant Lovers To Decorate Their Homes Read More