Book Review: $5 A Meal College Cookbook

The intent of the book is to provide easy, inexpensive, and healthy meal options for the clueless cook or college student with few cooking options (because, you know, you can only have a microwave and a refrigerator in a dorm room). What this book does well is to put perspective on the actual cost of Read More

The Trifecta

Both #Decorating and #Gardening and maybe even a little #Crafting if you are feeling inspired to make some of these ideas for yourself. 21 Brilliant Ways For Plant Lovers To Decorate Their Homes Read More

Hello, World!

Welcome to Stepping Stones: A Guide for Millennials blog.  The creator and author behind the blog is a 23 year old graduate student and DIY enthusiast.  As a recent (undergraduate) college grad, I understand the challenges, frustrations, and excitement about becoming an adult.  I can’t help you with your career, but I can share meaningful Read More

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