Month: May 2017

Rags ‘n Ropes to Rugs

Make a statement in any room with a fun and easy DIY braided or rope rug.  Perfect for indoor or outdoor decor, a rug can be a perfect accessory for adding some style. Braided rugs and rope rugs can be made from just about any material, natural or synthetic, often giving tired old t-shirts and worn Read More

Saving Money Series: 3 Ways to Save in the Kitchen

1.   Unplug appliances that you are not using–it will save you some money each month on your electric bill.  Many electric and gas companies (including mine) charge an equal rate for the use of electricity and gas with a delivery fee.  It’s a total rip-off, but as a tenant, I don’t have the option to Read More

The In-house Greenhouse

Use your bathroom as a greenhouse!  Not only will adding plants liven up the decor, some plants will thrive in the steamy environment, especially with limited or indirect sunlight. Consider plants that grove in tropical and sub-tropical regions.  These plants are often used to high humidity, and very little direct sunlight from a thick canopy Read More